Camelback Rogue Hydration Pack Features and Specifications  

Do you want to embark on a journey without having any need to stop or cut short your journey because of water? Some people often make use of water bottle while going on a long journey. However, with the introduction of the Camelbak Rogue hydration pack, you can never run short of water while you go on a long journey.  

Halting your journey on the mountain or anywhere else because of lack of water is never fun, and that is why you should purchase a hydration pack. The introduction of camelback has been in existence since 1988, and they have been producing amazing packs mainly for mountain biking and walking journey.  

I have been using the Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack for quite some time, and I can testify to the fact that it is the best.  

The Camelbak Rogue hydration pack has the feature of an 85oz reservoir, a top zippered pocket, a bottom pocket for car keys to be stored and a leak-proof on/off valves. Also, there is also a space in the camelback rogue hydration pack for anything you might want to put that is small.  

One of the most important features of the camelback rogue is that it contains bottom pocket. There is a back flap which goes up to show the hydration bladder, and it has a large-cap which the camelback show an easy-open leak-proof cap.  

This feature was established so that the refill of water can be done without stress. You can make use of it whenever you go on a bike ride without having to worry about drinking water whenever you store water in the camelback rogue hydration pack. 


Another feature of the camelback rogue is that it has an Easy Open Leak Proof Cap which makes for shutting and refilling easily. You can fill the camelback with a refrigerator with the use of the plastic which is situated around the large-cap, and it is difficult not to press the water dispenser so that the water does not pour outside of the open space.  

It is not easy to make use of the leak-proof that is because it does shut down with some changes, but you have to take note so that it does not come out. The hydration bladder cannot be removed, and that is why it is regarded as one of the best features of the camelback rogue hydration pack.  

Also, the outside of the hydration bladder can be washed, which means that you have a chance to keep it clean and erase the nasty smell, which may come from the hydration bladder. There is a large bite valve which has a locking mechanism and prevents water from coming out.  

The hydration pack can be used for drinking water whenever you go on a sunny ride. You can go ahead and purchase the camelback rogue hydration pack for about $51.99 on Amazon, but you can get it also at a retail price of $70.00. The camelback hydration pack comes in black, red, lime and blue colours. 


  • Easy to make use of the bite valve 
  • It has a quality construction 
  • It is affordable 


  • The Camelbak hydration pack has a long hose
  • The filter cap in the camelback hydration pack needs more threads 

The camelback hydration pack can be used by both men and women, which means it is for both genders. It also has an air channel with has one foam pods each, and its job is to give high airflow so that your back can feel comfortable and cool at the same time. 

The reservoir features that come with the Camelbak Rogue hydration pack include dryer arms, centre baffling, low profile design, 1/4 turn – easy or open/ close cap, lightweight fill port, HydroGuard technology, patented BigBitePureFlow tube and easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening. 

The hydration pack also contains these features which you might not be aware of dual compression straps, overflow storage, external fill, and bike tool organiser pocket and reflective.  

There are more than enough reasons as to why you should make use of the hydration pack. It is also made up of two external pockets for you to be able to store little things as I stated earlier like wallet, food, phone or key. Furthermore, it also has a side panel which is capable of expanding to give more space when you need one.  

There is also a back reflective strip and it allows you to access a tab for you to clip on a rear light for more safety when there is a situation of low light.