Things to Remember When Buying A Hydration Pack

A run, a bike ride, a workout, and a mountain climb are few of the energy-sapping task that will surely get you thirsty. Hydration packs are designed for one purpose alone, to quench your thirst without carrying cumbersome water bottles or floppy water bladders stuffed in backpacks. Hydration packs hold a water bladder stable while you engage in any athletic activity of your choice.  

Consider how much you are about to spend on a hydration pack; this article should help you find one that fits you comfortably while serving your purposes.  

Facts to consider

Always remember factors like the amount of water you drink, the ease of cleaning your water bladder, and the durability of your hydration pack. Lastly, have fun with your new hydration pack and clean it regularly. These tips should help you choose the perfect hydration pack that suits you:  

What activity are you engaging in?

Get a hydration pack for activities you can't stop or don't want to stop frequently. For instance, are you running or biking? You do not wish to slow down, break your stride, or pause your momentum each time you are thirsty. 

Furthermore, hydration packs give you pack stability which can't be found in regular backpacks that have water bladders or bottles. On the other hand, if you are going Kayaking or for a long hike where there will be time to stop and reach for a water bottle to quench your thirst, you might not need a hydration pack.  

You might also require a hydration pack with more storage capacity than the average hydration pack affords if you are going on longer trips, multi-day hikes, mountain climbs, etc. 

There are hydration packs designed for specific activities. For instance, the CamelBak Race Baku is designed for bikers.   

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Know Your water needs. 

Are you the type that sweats a lot while you engage in physical activity? If that is the case, be reminded that you will need ample water storage when engaging in physical activity. If you don't sweat much or thirst easily, you might be okay with a smaller water reservoir. There are packs available in one liter (or 1.5 liters), two-liter, and three-liter varieties. 

Ease Of Cleaning.

You should not settle for a hydration pack that is difficult to clean. The water bladder that comes with your hydration pack will have a screw opening that opens and closes so that you can fill it with water. Some hydration packs with water bladders slide shut or clips close. 

Cleaning tends to be difficult with screw-topped bladders as compared to the ease of cleaning a water bottle or a standalone water bladder.

If your bladder clips or slides close, you can quickly turn them inside out to clean them. 

If you plan to fill your hydration pack with electrolyte and sugar mixes, you will clean the pack more frequently than one where you use only pure water. No matter the contents of your hydration pack, you will have to empty and clean it thoroughly.


Do you intend to use your hydration pack during the summer? Use an insulated pack to keep your water cooler. Use insulated packs too in winter, even though the extra insulation will increase the cost of the pack.  

Check For Durability 

Always choose a hydration pack that will stand the test of time. You may opt for a hydration pack that will endure heavy outdoor activities. It's also not your plan to allow it to fall, get knocked over, or get damaged but these things just happen. So, ensure you choose a pack manufactured with Ripstop fabrics. Ripstop fabric is a lightweight, durable textile. It belongs to a category of woven nylon resistant to tearing and ripping.  


Know the price. 

Hydration packs come in a wide range of prices. As anyone would have guessed, larger packs are more expensive than smaller packs. If two packs are of the same size but cost differently, one is of a higher quality than the other. Settle for a pack that suits both your budget and your needs. 

Find deals whenever you shop for hydration packs. Some outdoor equipment retailers often drop the prices of their items during the holidays. Always compare prices online too. With $50 to $150USD, you can get a good hydration pack for yourself.  

Armed with a bit of knowledge and some essential guidelines, we hope that you'll be able to make an intelligent decision when you're exploring, purchasing, and using your new hydration pack. Use these tips we listed above to make the best choice for all the adventures you'd love to do in the future.